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Why is Rowing One of the best Cardiovascular fitness activities you can do? 

The Benefits of rowing are well documented and many. To reap these benefits, you don't have to be outside on a lake even though that is absolutely lovely. An indoor rowing machine like a Waterrower is as good and there's no hard core wind or cold rain to venture up against. 
The beauty with Rowing, is that it's suitable for anyone regardless of age, current fitness level or gender. 
Whether you are considering yourself to be unfit or superfit, rowing will increase your current fitness level no matter what. It is a sport for Advanced Athletes as well as exercise novices. 

Just like Pilates, Rowing is kind to weight-bearing joints as it is a low impact sport (yet Rowing is a high intensity activity which we like, right?...:)
If you're currently injured from a high impact sport (such as running) rowing can work as a great alternative to keep your fitness levels up while you are rehabilitating. (This depends on the severity of your injury of course) 
Summarised, here are some of the documented benefits to rowing: 

  • Improves your cardiovascular health (heart and lungs) 

  • Great for all fitness levels 

  • Works the whole body in every stroke-A total body workout!  

  • Burns lots of calories

  • It can have a calming effect on your mind due to the sound of the water inside the machine combined with the simple 2 phases of each stroke which in British Indoor Rowing are: 'Drive & Recovery'. Or, 'Power & Patience.' 

  • It's FUN! Well, that's my personal take :D

During your 1:1 Indoor Rowing sessions we use heart rate monitoring to maximise each workout and tailor every session around your current fitness level and goal.

Rowing is perfect to combine with Pilates. You get your strength and mobility through Pilates while Rowing will improve your cardiovascular health amongst all other things mentioned. 
These two are the perfect recipe for optimal health long term. 

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