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Here are a few words from people who have experienced my classes.

Linda is just fabulous. Her workouts are a great mixture of challenge and restoring balance to your body, all delivered with lovely encouragement, expertise and a smile! After each session with Linda I really feel I have challenged myself. - Louise

I nervously started pilates over a year ago, "surely I won't be bendy enough". I have not looked back. 
Linda patiently worked with us amateurs and very quickly got us into the concepts and working hard. Each session seems to hit the right level of workout and I feel like I am achieving more each time. Linda makes you feel relaxed, helping each individual get the most out of it. 
As a runner and cyclist I believe it has done so much good, helping injury prevention and strengthening the whole body. 
I can't recommend these classes enough and I do anything not to miss a session.- David

Linda is a brilliant Pilates instructor. Her attention to detail and the needs of each person in the group really stand her apart. She is Engaging, informative and really knows how to get the most out of each individual. - Colin 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Reclaimbody Pilates. Linda is an amazing teacher. She differentiates her lessons seamlessly, ensuring that every person is being extended to their full potential. Linda always goes the extra mile and is a thoughtful, thorough teacher. I have been doing Pilates for a few years now and I honestly feel there is something special about Linda's lessons! - Katie 

I started my first Pilates class with Linda a year ago and have never looked back! Linda is fun, patient and enthusiastic and her small classes enable her to give you the individual attention you need. Since attending, my ongoing shoulder niggle has vanished and I generally feel stronger within myself. I find I get problems if I don't go. - Marion


Linda's classes are excellent. She is a very natural teacher who strikes the perfect balance by both creating a really relaxed environment and encouraging people to push themselves. As a mother of young children herself, she is very understanding of the stresses of busy parents. - Sian

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these Pilates classes. Linda differentiates every exercise

and extends everyone at the right pace for them. These sessions set me up in a good stead
for the rest of the week. I go in feeling achy and tired, and come out feeling motivated and
energised. I only wish I had discovered these sessions sooner. - Katie

Linda is extremely passionate about Pilates and does an excellent job catering to the different
levels and skill sets amongst her classes. Linda is enthusiastic, outgoing and a fantastic instructor. She makes Pilates an enjoyable event and I very much look forward to her classes each week. - Sarah

Linda is a fantastic Pilates instructor, I really enjoy our sessions. Linda tailors the classes to support individual clients needs. I have been suffering with some back problems and have seen the difference since doing Pilates regularly. I'm definitely more mobile and much stronger. The weekly sessions are well paced and fun and Linda's monthly circuit session is certainly a work out but so enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Linda as a Pilates instructor. - Nicky


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