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My goal is always to make you feel better than you did when you first came into the room. Our sessions are about whole body workouts which will develop endurance and strength in your body. Together with my thorough instructions and encouragement, you only need to bring your commitment and patience. 


Thank you for visiting my website!
I am originally from Sweden and have lived in the UK for 22 years. In addition to teaching Pilates, I'm also an actor and voice-over artist.

I've been teaching Pilates for 8 years but have been practising it closer to 13. I found the method during my first pregnancy when I suffered from tremendous back pain very early on. I got the 'Pilates bug' and went on to become a teacher and have never looked back.

I studied Pilates at internationally renowned JPilates Training and Education. I have a Master’s Certificate which includes Matwork Level 3, Pre and Post Natal, JPilates Barre, Pilates for Children and Teens, Pilates for the older Adult and the Equipment Collection (Essential and Advanced Reformer, Wunda Chair, Barrels, and Cadillac).


I'm also a qualified Indoor Rowing Instructor, certified by British Rowing. Rowing is my go to for cardiovascular training. 

Just like Pilates it works the whole body with every stroke without adding any unnecessary strain to our joints. It also has a calming effect on our mind. 

My Group Mat Pilates classes are small and friendly so that I can focus on each individual's ability and needs.  I prefer  to keep my groups fairly small (from one-to-ones to a maximum of 12) so that the focus can remain on each participant and ensuring that they are challenged, happy, and getting the most out of each session. My one-to-ones can be done at your home or mine. I have a Wunda Chair at home which I like to use in combination with regular mat work and small equipment for well rounded sessions, tailored to each individual's goal and needs. For those that wish to add cardiovascular training too to their sessions, you can also hop onto the rowing machine. :D





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